About Us

Marble Maintenance Inc. is owned and operated by Terry Soles, a marble expert with more than 30 years experience working with marble, stone and unusual natural materials like coquina, also known as ‘shell stone'.

Marble MaintenanceTerry Soles is a South Florida native whose original background was in marble fabrication. He is schooled in the old-world techniques of using hand tools to cut, grind and polish marble and other natural stone. Soles understands the different properties of each natural material and helps his clients make informed decisions about maintenance and restoration.

Terry opened Marble Maintenance Inc. in 1987 to provide maintenance services to an established list of marble clients.  Combining the best of modern technology with ‘old-school’ know how, Terry brings a craftsman’s eye and appreciation of detail to every job.

Having created and installed flooring, countertops and other custom marble fixtures, Terry Soles knows how to care for marble, whether it’s brand new or turn-of-the-century. He can create and maintain a highly polished modern look to stone surfaces or hone them to a classic matte sheen.

Each job ends with a detailed cleaning that includes wiping all surfaces to remove minute dust particles, removing spots from glass and mirrors, and replacing furniture to its original location.

Growing the business originally from word of mouth recommendations, Terry takes pride in white-glove, hands-on service that has resulted in hundreds of referrals from satisfied customers.